Sunday, June 11, 2006

to be or not to be... objective

At this point in time/space I find that the
probability of achieving 100% objectivity
is not a realistic goal.

Do I abandon the project without
attempting to reach the goal?

Even a small measure of
achievable objectivity
is preferable over my former
state of oblivious subjectivity.

What I understand thus far is
that as the observer...
I change reality.
Thus, my conscious and
deliberate choice
to attempt objective observation
holds a universal value.

Every effort on my part to honestly
examine my attempt to be objective
generates an emotional response or
bias. This distorts my own self analysis.

There seems to be an infinity of factors
that influence my thoughts.

My own awareness of these factors
somewhat ameliorates the programming
towards subjectivity.

It is a small beginning.

I feel somewhat encouraged.

I must grow and develop a new pattern,
a new habit of awareness and vigilance
regarding these factors.

From an individual perspective,
this amounts to a gigantic attempt at
mental mutitasking.

Is it possible that a new way of thinking
can ever become second nature?

I do not know the answer.
I can only try and continuing trying.
I can speculate and I can hope that
to be a worthwhile endeavor.


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