Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Knowledge Protects and Ignorance Endangers

I once hoped, wished and believed that only - what I understood to be BIG, SERIOUS AND IMPORTANT choices would or could impact my destiny. Based on this belief, I was comfortably ready, willing and able to take responsibility for what I considered to be the BIG choices. I put forth my best effort as to what I chose and how I handled the outcomes of these seemingly BIG and IMPORTANT choices. Furthermore, I assumed that all the other smaller and less significant choices would... well... sort of just magically take care of themselves and ALL would be well.

I now see things very differently. I realize that what may appear to be the most insignificant decision, can dramatically change the entire course of my life. Within the context of an ever dynamic set of probabilities that always exist in an ever present state of fluctuating potentials, the value lies in understanding that not choosing and not deciding is a serious matter. Our thoughts are the fundamental key - that opens the door - to any potential expansion of awareness. When we do not practice how to use our potential capacity to think deliberately, we fail to recognize the infinity of opportunities that exist to learn how to think - really think.

So, I ask myself, does someone or something else think on my behalf when I fail to think for myself? I think so. I think my brain is similar to a mansion in an upscale neighborhood. If I do not move in, furnish it and live in it - someone else will. I will be like a homeless person that doesn't have a clue as to what life can be like inside that great and lovely mansion.

So, getting back to the brain and the ability of the mind to use the brain as a unique tool for thinking, we can either learn how to think for ourselves and think deliberately - or we can think by default. By this I mean, that when you do not think, you do not decide, you do not choose... one of the threads in the fabric of the universe - will think on your behalf. When we become accustomed to allowing others to think on our behalf - without even noticing, we lose all awareness of the fact that this is even happening. We walk through our lives in a state of ignorance and blind oblivion - believing the entire time - self-assured through the entire experience - that we are, in fact, thinking and deciding and choosing. Since we believe ourselves to be thinking, this belief becomes very real and we slip and slide our way through the river of life and become firmly entrenched and quite comfortable within the belief.

Every single time we arrive at an intersection and are faced with a choice, we do not see the traffic light, we do not see the road signs, we do not realize that a choice is not only available, a choice is necessary. Stop? Move forward? Turn right? Turn left? Fail to act? It is possible to be carried away by other sleeping automatons that surround us and to be blissfully ignorant of what has - in reality - occured. Or better said, be blissfully ignorant of what has failed to occur.

Initially, this "thought awareness" may lead to a state of what we perceive of as "thought paralysis". The fear of making - what we perceive as the "wrong" choice can actually appear to be a failure to choose. Overcome by fear and indecision, we suspend the action of deliberate thought. The outcome of this "suspension" is fairly predictable. The failure to generate a deliberate thought will still produce some kind of outcome. The point is - the only way to learn how to think is by thinking. The process of thinking is dynamic and this process will create an outcome whether we are aware of it or not. Every time I think and every choice I make will teach me something... and I will resonate with the natural dynamic flow of the universe. I will not choose atrophy.

My thoughts and my choices hold the potential and the opportunities to learn something new. Every opportunity to learn may allow me an opportunity to acquire knowledge which holds the potential to enhance and expand awareness.

Knowledge protects and Ignorance Endangers


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