Sunday, September 09, 2007

The road less traveled...

I have not posted to my blog for a year, and yet this fact
does not reflect a lack of profound thinking. New challenges have manifested on my path. Some of these
challenges have been surprising and sometimes even shocking. When I think I truly know myself, I am predictably presented with a new "set of lessons". I think of my daughter, Michel who works so hard to prepare the lessons she will challenge her students with. Yet the most enlightening lessons are those we seem to consciously or unconsciously prepare for ourselves.

I confess that I am a hardheaded and stubborn person. Even when I generate a new lesson for myself, I will squirm and rebel against the content of what I have learned. It is never easy. On the contrary, my individual lessons are always difficult, painful and ultimately the most valuable opportunities for learning, growth and spiritual evolution I have thus far discovered.

What I have learned in the past year, is that if I allow my thoughts to wander aimlessly, I will predictably FALL into
the depths of what I think of as "atrophy". I am just as vulnerable to self gratifying - empty - meaningless thoughts as any other being with a human brain. If I knew for a fact that this "tendency" would cease at the end of the road and that I would then "think" with a universal non-physical "mind" versus "brain - well... then... the big picture would not be quite as bleak. However, I more than suspect that this is not exactly how the uni-verse is arranged. I suspect that this process - we perceive as "thinking" is much more complex and elaborate than what we perceive
within these individual personalities we are presently manifesting.

On a good day, I pull "the self" up from the depths of atrophy, grab the reins firmly and think responsibly and deliberately! Easier written than accomplished!

I learned from Candace B. Pert, PhD, that my "thoughts"
generate a molecular outcome. I recommend her book, The Molecules of Emotion, to all readers of this blog. Generating a molecular outcome by "thinking" is an amazing and thought provoking idea. I will risk ridicule by quoting the character Spiderman.... :)
"With great power - comes great responsibility" said Spiderman - and this is no laughing matter.

If what I think can influence - what I perceive as - MY MOLECULES - then, I ask - where exactly do MY MOLECULES END AND ALL OTHER MOLECULES BEGIN?

The point being - that we do have somewhat of a fundamental understanding of atoms and molecules and we have learned that they can and they do "affect" each other.
With this premise in mind - how can I convince myself that my thoughts have no effect on the big picture. I cannot.

Here I sit...

Will I repeatedly, lazily, irresponsibly continue to fall and sink into creative atrophy? This is undoubtedly one path always always available to me. Or, will I grab the reins of my mind and hold on tight. Will I take response - ability
for my thoughts and behave as a member of The Family of LIGHT - or become one more Darth Vader caricature?

I will end this post by quoting a group of learned friends.
"The battle is always there, it is when you choose that counts"