Friday, June 23, 2006

A trickle of truth about 9-11

If all you do to keep yourself informed regarding 9-11
is read, watch and listen to the mainstream media, you
might actually feel appalled at the "story" and the details
provided for your "belief".

However, if you are interested in objective factual evidence
that supports the TRUTH - then the mainstream media
cannot/should not be the one and only source for
gathering of information on this subject. If you are
appalled - then you might as well be appalled about the

Below is the url for a short article on 9-11 and Thermate.
I encourage you to read the article and then...
make the effort to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. If you
are going to BELIEVE the article below - without doing
your own research, then what have you accomplished?

BYU Physics Prof Finds Thermate in WTC Physical Samples,
Building Collapses an Inside Job

author: Jacob Hamblin

Based on chemical analysis of WTC structural steel residue,
a Brigham Young University physics professor has identified
the material as Thermate.

Thermate is the controlled demolition explosive thermite plus
sulfur. Sulfur cases the thermite to burn hotter, cutting steel
quickly and leaving trails of yellow colored residue.

Prof. Steven Jones, who conducted his PhD research at the
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and post-doctoral research
at Cornell University and the Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility,
has analysed materials from WTC and has detected the existence
of thermate, used for "cutting" the steel support columns, as
evident in the photo below.

Dr. Jones is a co-founder of Scholars for 911 Truth.

Dr. Jones in earlier work pointed to thermate as the likely
explosive that brought down the WTC1, WTC2, and WTC7
skyscrapers. But only recently was physical material analysed
in the lab and the presense of thermate announced. The
samples were provided Dr. Jones team from redundant sources.

Both BYU and Prof. Jones have been offered additional grants
if he would "change the direction" of his research. In addition,
there have been threats made by an individual who
"is taking action" to stop Steven Jones' research, specifically
his experiment with thermites (aluminothermics), on the
grounds his work may be helpful to "terrorists". Jones notes
that much more detailed information on both thermite and
thermate is readily available on the internet.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Blue in the Face

blue in the face

atomic describes me
spinning, whirling, spiraling
potential generating form and expression
attracted and attracting
a reflection of her many faces
the mirror images of infinity
plurality clothed in flesh
dancing, multiplying, diversifying
singing, humming, vibrating
one of her many souls
a personality speaking
until I am blue in the face

Sunday, June 11, 2006

to be or not to be... objective

At this point in time/space I find that the
probability of achieving 100% objectivity
is not a realistic goal.

Do I abandon the project without
attempting to reach the goal?

Even a small measure of
achievable objectivity
is preferable over my former
state of oblivious subjectivity.

What I understand thus far is
that as the observer...
I change reality.
Thus, my conscious and
deliberate choice
to attempt objective observation
holds a universal value.

Every effort on my part to honestly
examine my attempt to be objective
generates an emotional response or
bias. This distorts my own self analysis.

There seems to be an infinity of factors
that influence my thoughts.

My own awareness of these factors
somewhat ameliorates the programming
towards subjectivity.

It is a small beginning.

I feel somewhat encouraged.

I must grow and develop a new pattern,
a new habit of awareness and vigilance
regarding these factors.

From an individual perspective,
this amounts to a gigantic attempt at
mental mutitasking.

Is it possible that a new way of thinking
can ever become second nature?

I do not know the answer.
I can only try and continuing trying.
I can speculate and I can hope that
to be a worthwhile endeavor.

strange attractors

This poem by Robin Chapman resonated
deeply within.

Strange Attractors

How to find them, those regions
Of space where the equation traces
Over and over a kind of path,
Like the moth that batters its way
Back toward the light
Or, hearing the high cry of the bat,
Folds its wings in a rolling dive?
And ourselves, fluttering toward and away
In a pattern that, given enough
Dimensions and point-of-view,
Anyone living there could plainly see--
Dance and story, advance, retreat,
A human chaos that some slight
Early difference altered irretrievably?

For one, the sound of her mother
Crying. For this other,
The hands that soothed
When he was sick. For a third,
The silence that collects
Around certain facts. And this one,
Sent to bed, longing for a nightlight.

Though we think this time to escape,
Holding a head up, nothing wrong,
Finding a way to beat the system,
Talking about anything else--
Travel, the weather, time
At the flight simulator--for some
The journey circles back

To those strange, unpredictable attractors
Secrets we can neither speak nor leave.

Robin S. Chapman